Sweet Buffets

Miss Cupcake Sweet Buffets

 Sweet buffets are an amazing addition to any event or party. They capture the mind and tastebuds of all who attend. Not only will guests have something to talk about at the party, your party will be the event that they talk about for years to come. Personalization is key, no two Miss Cupcake Sweet Buffets are ever alike!

  • All Candy Sweet Buffet
  • Themed Sweet Buffet
  • Dessert Buffet
  • Sweet and Salty Buffet
  • Healthy Snack Buffet

Sweet Buffet Pricing

  • The All Candy Sweet Buffet and Themed Sweet Buffet start at $5 per person and have a $250 minimum. For more extravagant spreads, they price can vary from $8 to $10 per person.
  • Dessert Buffet, Sweet and Salty Buffet, and Healthy Snack Buffet start at $4 per person and range from $6-8 per person. There is a $150 minimum.
  • All pricing includes consultation, custom made labels and signs, jar rental, all sweets and snacks, and treat bags or boxes.
  •  Set up/tear down and sweet buffet refill during party is available for an extra fee.
  • Linens are available for an extra fee.



To place an order and check for availability,  please email me at themisscupcake@hotmail.com

All orders are placed with the understanding that my kitchen is in the process of being certified by the state and is not yet certified. Miss Cupcake finds great importance in your health and will do whatever it takes to bring you the best possible product.