A Bittersweet Broadcast


A message from The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie founder, Lauren Elsasser…..

Hello sweet treat lovers,

First of all, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, and business over the past 6 years. To think that this entire operation stemmed from a simple fascination with a few basic ingredients is unimaginable. The outpouring of love from my clients, family, and friends is so humbling.

As many of you may know, I have recently accepted a position with the beauty and marketing start-up called Birchbox. The position will require me to move to NYC, which I am currently in the process of doing. That being said, without being able to manage the bakery and client orders from Mifflinburg, it makes the everyday tasks of the bakery business very difficult. It is with bittersweet sentiments that I announce the decision to cease all wedding & event orders indefinitely. This decision is effective immediately. However, all orders that have been placed and deposits that have been made will be honored.

But before you shed a tear for the loss of sweet, I must also share a few other pieces of information.

The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie’s Food Truck will STILL participate in several weekly and weekend festivals and fairs, creating more of a “pop-up” sweet shop. All events will be clearly advertised on Facebook and the website. I have even added a “schedule app” to the Facebook page in order for my clients to stay informed about upcoming events. Food delivery is also very popular these days as it is more convenient for people, getting to know how to get a job delivering food might prove useful for businesses.

—In addition to maintaining food truck events, I will continue to host whoopie pie sales every month/two months) in order to nourish the treat appetites of my clients. Normal delivery and purchase policies will apply. These too will be advertised at the appropriate times.

—The Well, a coffee shop located inside of the Christ Wesleyan Church, will still be offering The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie whoopie pies on a weekly basis (for the time being).

While in NYC, I plan to focus more on blogging, food photography, and recipe development. There will be a hearty share of restaurant reviews, daily adventures, and life lessons. As you may be able to see, the Facebook page will cease to push the catering side of the business and will focus more on pop-up events, truck rental, blogging, and traveling.

This decision has not been easy, as I have been working on this business since its inception. However, after many discussions with loved ones, prayer, and reflecting, I am having faith and seeking God through each potential regret. I truly feel called to the Big Apple and am excited for the future.

With love, kisses, and a hearty helping of rainbow sprinkles,

Lauren Elsasser, the Miss Cupcake, and Let’s Make Whoopie