Are You Ready For Some Football … and Cupcakes … And Moviestars?

Wow, what a weekend. First of all, I feel as if college is more like having two full-time jobs. Before this week, I had not baked in two weeks. Yes, two whole weeks. Two weeks of stressful study filled nights and class filled days. But, I made a promise to myself never to go that long without baking. It’s just not good for me. It makes me rather unpleasant.

However, I had the most wonderful opportunity ever. (Thank you google images.) Boys and cupcakes. Lots of boys and lots of cupcakes. 75 of them actually. The Lewisburg High School football team always has a team meal before games. Obviously, dessert is a necessary and I could not let them go on thinking that the only dessert was a brownie. Oh those poor boys, I was about to enlighten them to a world that they never knew existed. This was a world of sugar mountains and icing puffs. A world where only hapiness and giggling is permitted. Enter: the cupcake world.

But before that, I must tell you about something else that happened this weekend. A man from my church was very active in planning and building the house for the premier show of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Cool, right? Even cooler…front page of the money section. I guess you could call me famous … for knowing famous people ;)

Ok, back to cupcakes. I needed to be festive. I needed to be fun. However, football needed to remain as the central theme. I mean, if these kids ate my cupcakes for the first time and they didn’t remind them of football, then they might be distracted from the game! I couldn’t have that.

So I found the most amazing sprinkles ever. It’s like the most wonderful combination of football and babycakes! (and, no dad, they are not whale sprinkles)

I also knew that I needed to specify what these flavors were. Miss Cupcake’s whole mission is to obtain cuteness. So, just because these were guys, the presentation still needed to radiate cute. Plus, they needed to know which cupcake would agree with their palate most. (Plus, I made 5 different kinds, I needed to help them out.)

This next picture is a secret picture. One that shouldn’t be seen. But, I’m going to give you a taste of more to come. Yes, I will be sharing the other three flavors that I made. Yes, I will give you the recipe. One, because I’m just so nice…and two, because I think you need to experience the most delicious cupcake trio of all time…starting with the one peaking out below.

PS. Pink Tulle is ALWAYS a must.

PSS. The team won, and I decided to claim 7 points. & points that wouldn’t have been made without the energy that I gave them. I love my philosophy … don’t you?

165 cupcakes. 75 new boyfriends. Sounds like success to me!