At Last My Love Has Come Around: Wedding Cake!

I’ve been waiting for this day for just short of forever! My wedding day! Ok, well not my wedding day….but my first wedding cake day! I’ve already shared with you the cake samples, so this might be nothing new to you…but here is the finished product!

I would just like to point out that there WAS an IMMENSE amount of butter used in this project. This is a time where we pretend that we have never seen this picture. Just forget it, it will make the cake taste much better in your mind! Heck, who cares, just enjoy the butter.
I’d just love to share this special part of the cake. The mini “groom’s cake.” See, the groom is an absolutely outstandingly fanatical Gator Fan, he just needed a little tiny cake just for him. Here is the funny thing, it went on TOP of the cupcake tree….well you’ll see….just keep scrolling.
Along with the mini groom’s cake, there were cupcakes! Lots and lots of cupcakes! 200 mini cupcakes and 50 large cupcakes. Ontop of that, there was the little wedding cake to cut!
Some of the baby cakes!

Here they are all ready to go! I’m so glad that they were delivered ok and they didn’t fall! Yay, that would have caused a Lauren sized problem, and we really don’t want that to happen!
Here’s to the cake! I think the picture explains it quite well!
The monogram was just icing and edible pearls! Everything else was fondant and delicious! (The bride was quite a fan of that!)

Here is the cake on the cake table, all ready to go and unbroken! Wooo! (Tigerlilly was their flower of choice)
and here! Lo and Behold…the cupcake tree! It looked so wonderful! I was so proud of those baby cakes, they grow up so fast!
And here, the top of the tree…and according to the groom, the most important part of the wedding….well, maybe.

I must tell you a little something about the wedding receptions. There were these butter mints on the table. I saw them and got slightly excited, considering I love both butter and mint. So, I popped one in my mouth. It was chocolate flavored. Let me just say, they were absolutely amazing. Twenty seven mints later, and I had had my fill. I even stole some off the other tables…shhhh…don’t tell! I MUST find out how to make them! It’s imperitive! I’ll get back to you on that one!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Reichenbach!