Batter Up! Baseball Cupcakes

I love when my father is in a good mood. (Not that he is EVER not in a good mood) He will walk down the stairs as I’m working on fondant, and make some super sappy comment about my new fondant skills. “Oh Lauren, I’m pretty sure those are my most favorite thing that you have ever made!”

Don’t worry though, it happened again the next week.

That man is so sweet! (can you tell we are currently NOT fighting? hehe) Another way I can tell that he is in a good mood is when he calls me and begins his speech with “Dear sweet Lauren.” Yes, it’s very touching. At that moment, I know that I can get whatever I want out of him. But don’t worry, I rarely abuse that fact. :) Except I know exactly what to say at that moment. For some reason, he always calls me the day that I need to go grocery shopping for supplies for an upcoming cake. Knowing this, I say, “Daddy, do you want me to go to the store for you? I know that you need yogurt and apples…I would love to get it for you! Plus, I have to get supplies for a Miss Cupcake order anyway!” At that moment, my fathers large reserve of generosity seems to seep open. “Lauren, that sounds wonderful. You know what? Just get whatever you need. It’s all on me.”

Thanks daddy. I love you more than life. I also love that my percentage of profit grows higher each time that you let me go to the grocery store for you :)

Back to the cupcakes, these were custom created for a baseball fan, if you couldn’t tell.

The baseballs were created using white fondant and red white chocolate.

The flavor was a moist yellow and they were dolloped white a fluffy pillow of vanilla icing.

The birthday boy was an Orioles fan…AND a Phillies fan. Is that even allowed?

Miss Cupcake enjoyed making these baseball themed cupcakes!