Bowling Party and New Name Cupcakes!

The Miss Cupcake has been a busy bee! My schedule looks a little bit like this

Monday: Wake up. Realize that I went to bed at 2am the night before because I was trying to finish a book that I forgot about that was due Tuesday.

Tuesday: Arrive at class, only to find out that the book due date was pushed back until next Tuesday. Decide to take the night off, only to realize that I needed to make whoopie.

This is where Jared comes in.

Lauren: “Honey, I really love you”

Jared: “What do you want?”

Lauren: “Oh sweet heart, you are so good at making whoopie pie frosting. No one can make it like you…not even me (kind of a lie..tehehe)”

Jared: “Yes honey [due to the fact that I treat you like a princess] I will come over”

I injected one or two words ;)

Wednesday: Realize that I have to teach youth group and it’s ten minutes before youth group.

Kun Fu Panda has Christian themes, right?

Oh crap…..cupcakes….an essay…which one do I finish?

Cupcakes usually win.

And then the essay…because I’m that kind of person that cries when she doesn’t finish work.

Thursday: Oh Thursday, my 10am-9:30pm day full of class. Only on this particular night, I had to rush home and decorate cookies.

I didn’t realize that when you “flood” a cookie with icing, it takes 3 hours to dry until the next step.

Dragging at this point…it is now 1:30am

I start to get giggly.

Oh….about that presentation I have tomorrow in Venture Financing…..Whoopie pie presentation it is.

Friday: I have a conversation with my father.

Lauren: “Dad, I haven’t seen you in 19 days. Are you still my father? Also, you missed a doctor’s appointment. Your docter is very upset.”

Dad: “Accounting season honey, I’ll see you tonight at 1am…our usually meeting place in the kitchen. Oh and about the doctor, he’ll get over it.”

Lauren: “He said he is going to eat you.”

Dad: “I’m bigger than him”

I love my daddy

Bowling Birthday Party….holllarrr!

Lot’s of 12 year old girls+me+Jared+glowsticks=epic moment

Saturday: Sleep in…pheww

Oh wait…another cupcake order!

This process tends to repeat itself. Why I do it to myself, I will never know.

I love my life. I’m happy. I say yes to way to many things. I’m an overacheiving perfectionist.

Guilty. But…I do make pretty cute cupcakes :)

Bowling cupcakes! How cute, right? Each vanilla cupcake has a mini fondant bowling ball and bowling pin attached to it.

Close up of the bowling cupcakes. Sitting at the party, I couldn’t conceive the notion that little girls were putting bowling pins in their mouths.

 I’m not sure why it affected me the way it did.

In adittion, I made cookie favors for each of the guests.

CHOCOLATE NAME CUPCAKES! Are these not absolutely lovely! I want them for my birthday!

PS. That’s a golden Oreo truffle cupcake up there.

Snickerdoodle on the left and the simplicity of the Zebra Cake is on the right.

Happy Birthday Chelsea Lahr! Hope your 18th birthday was sweet!

Like the chocolate names? Order your personalized cupcakes today by emailing Lauren at!