Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Cake

“This better be good, Lauren.” Those were the words that my lovely brother shared with me on early Saturday morning. Why? Well, this cake wasn’t a representation of my skills. No, oh no. This was all Blake.

Remember those cupcakes that I made for him to take to his dealership? Yeah. Well, my loving brother spread the lovely word of Miss Cupcake. Not only did he share my site with his volvo-loving friends, he recommended me. Did  you read that right? He RECOMMENDED me! Ask him and he might deny it. But, because he recommended me, I had the opportunity to create one of the most exciting cakes to date! (Are you understanding the phone call now?)

So lets get back to business. I’m in love with this cake. I love the people who let me create this cake for them, and I loved the shy little birthday boy’s reaction to seeing the cake for the first time.


 Let’s break it down. Buzz light-year space ranger cake, complete with all space-shuttle-like details.

 First, we have the shiny cater-filled moon. The most exciting part? It’s made out of rainbow rice crispy treats. The moon isn’t made out of cheese! It’s a rice krispy treat!

 I was wondering for the longest time what “SR” meant. Even after I was finished piping it, the letter were still bouncing around in my mind. “Spiral Radiator,” “Sand Racket,” “Senior Retreat,” “Salmon Rocket,” I really couldn’t figure it out. Although I thought I had come relatively close with Salmon Rocket. But then, then it came to me. Space Rockett! (hehe)

 Jacob was 3, in case you were wondering :)

 Now, I must share to you one of the crucial points of cake decorating in my house. There is always the moment when my mother walks in, assesses my performance, and states her claim against my creation. “Lauren, those things are so……….. cute. (That statement is to cover up what she will say next…..wait for it) They are like ……red turds.” Aww mom, thanks :)


 Jared always bugs me about citing him in my posts. For Jared sake, the Happy Birthday Flag is copyrighted under Jared Smith’s book of wonder and creativity. For inquires about the use of the flag idea, please call or email him. He will be happy to talk numbers…and high ones if you know what I mean.

 Happy Birthday Jacob! Thank you for letting me be a special part of your big day! Oh, and I’ll be thinking up dinosaurs for next year :)