Cakespy Shares About The Miss Cupcake’s Custom Painting!

Here is a lovely story that I must share with you all!

Ever since I found out about about her, Cakespy has been the artist/baked good specialist/author love of my life. Her cute baked good cartoons and sweet sense of humor has drawn me too her blog and paintings.

She is amazing. She’s funny.

Sorry guys, I believe she is married.

I kind of want to be her.

So, I have been aching for a custom painting since the day I became hooked. I wanted something that ecompassed Miss Cupcake, in all of my cute little cupcakes, whoopie pies, and wonder. I wanted it….and I wanted it BAD. But, I’m a college student…on a college student budget. Plus, she was booked straight….for months.

But, my lovely boyfriend went being my back and pleaded with the baking godess. He pleaded and pleaded (and I’m assuming cried virtual email tears)

She bought it.

And I, my friends, received THE BEST GIFT EVAAA!

I know…I’ve already told you this story…but it never gets old.

Read the post on Cakespy’s blog!