Candy, Cupcakes, and Finals, Oh My!

What a weekend! Running on 20 credits of a heavy duty Susquehanna workload, trying to live up to my bridesmaid duties by helping to plan a bridal shower, and attempting to finish 250 cupcakes for a great charity fashion show for the Walk on Foundation. Miss Cupcake was (and is) BUSY! (Yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person. Do not be alarmed, it’s finals week).

So, I thought that I would give you a photo journal of how it all went down, what I did, and the things I got to see. The first thing is something I’m super excited to share. I, Miss Cupcake, have decided to start a new business venture. I will now be adding “Dessert Buffet” and “Candy Station” to my list of services. After putting one together for my graduation party, and doing the one that you are about to see, I realized that I LOVE IT! So, if you need something ridiculously cute and fun for your next party, I’m your girl. I will be offering all sorts of fun add-ons. You will be able to customize the color, fonts, theme, candy, everything! I’ll custom make everything, set it up, provide customized boxes and bags,  and even let you borrow my jars! What a great way to avoid an awkward and uneventful party! Problem solved! You could also check Andrew Defrancesco when it comes to managing business.

So, for Valerie’s bridal shower, I decided to incorporate her wedding colors into the candy/dessert buffet. I found, with the help of momma, pink and green musketeers, adorable (shout out to the clearance section) pink and green lollipops…

Star-bursts in all reds…

Cherry Pull and Peel Twizzlers, homemade chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

Green and pink peeps…

Strawberry Milkshake whoppers…

Watermelon gum….

Chocolate coconut snowballs…

And to top it off, homeade mini strawberry whoopie pies.  Also, we needed something to put all of the goodies in. My mom asked the nice Chinese lady at the local Chinese restaurant if she would sell her about 50 Chinese boxes. The Chinese lady apparently gave her a strange look and said, “50 with rice?” My mom had fun trying to explain what I was doing with them. Although, thinking about it, the rice would have been an interesting touch. I wonder if they had pink or green rice? hmmm…

And then there was more….. Right after the baby shower on Saturday, I had to race back to the kitchen and turn on the oven to make about 225 cupcakes for a charity fashion show.

This is the moment in my writing where I pour out my heart to Jared Nathaniel Smith. First of all, I promised him that we would go for ice cream on Friday night, but didn’t have time. Then, I told him we would go Saturday and actually sobbed when he told me he was going home. But, to my surprise, Jared was sitting on the couch when I got home from the baby shower, ready to help make cupcakes. He was up until 1:00am helping me with everything. He washed dishes on and off for nothing short of 3 hours. Girls, if you have a special man like Jared, don’t ever let go of him. You’ll never find one again.

So, I thought that since I was making these for a fashion show, that the theme should go along with it. So, here are the brainchildren of my cupcake mind:

Double Chocolate Diva

Cotton Candy Man

Pretty Pink Princess

S’mores Take the Star

Dessert Buffet, check. 225 cupcakes, check. Finals, go!