Chocolate Chip Clusters With a Side of Graduation

Ok, so these look like crap. Well kind of like a pile of crap on a chip. But even with this slightly disturbing thought in the back of your mind….you must bear with me here. These are wonderful.

See, I never thought that I would end up making “chip clusters.” I means, I have seen chocolate covered chips before….but these are the next step in the chocolate chip frenzy. (Yes..these are going to be big!)

So, I had some left over chocolate after making some graduation cake balls for Jarebear. So the only thing that I had near me were some Middlesworth chips. So, it was only natural for me to not waste the chocolate. I mean…it’s chocolate we are talking about here.

I took some big chips…and set them down on some parchment paper. Then I crushed up some chips and swirled them in with the chocolate. And I though….ahhh HAH! Chocolate chips clusters on chips! It’s brilliant…or at least I thought so!

Chocolate Chip Clusters
  • chips
  • melting chocolate
  1. Place large, flat chips on parchment paper about 1/2 inch apart.
  2. Crush up some chips and mix with some melted chocolate (the mixture shouldn’t be runny)
  3. Place a spoonfull of the mixture on top of each chip. Let set.
  4. Cover with sprinkles, sugar, or icing….and MUNCH!
and here… was how the chip clusters became born. I had extra chocolate left over from making those de—licious cake balls for Jared…and a cake. I mean…it’s me. I couldn’t just ..not make him a cake…it’s me…that would…sacreligious or something. I got lots of compliments….but above all….I’ve heard my cake is pretty moist..which is a good thing. Speaking of compliments…I have gotten some pretty weird ones over the past couple months…I will share:

After sampling some of my frosting, a man uttered “Can I please marry you?” Let me also point out that this man is married. He also tried to clear the air by adding. “Oh…Oh..I mean only for your food.”

Thanks….I feel so loved.

After eating all of my treats at Jared’s house..a friend of Jared’s sister aparently wants to move in with me….again…just for the cooking.

I’m glad that people love me for more than my food ;)

I can’t share any more…they just make me feel so insecure about myself…haha…what a joke.

Happy Graduation Jared! Thanks for being my culinary inspiration!