Christmas Party Surprise

So….I decided to make this cute little cupcake/cake arrangement for my High School. Due to the fact that I’m now a college girl and my old school has not recieved any of my baked goodness for along time. I thought that it was due. But, i needed to think of something festive and colorful! So this is what i stumbled upon! First, I started off by cutting out some green fondant trees. I figured that would develop some inspiration in me?
Then, I made mini red velvet cupcakes and a mini cake. (Yes, cake mix, guilty. However, cake mix is fabulous….this is previously established. If you beat it for the 2 2-1/2 minutes it called for….oh man….best cake ever…I’m telling you….go try…like now!)

Then I covered the mini cake with fondant, and green trees. PS the icing is Magnolia. Would I use any other buttercream? Well, no….never actually.