Cuppys and CaBalls

Let me stop you for one second. I have a revelation. That picture up there (yes the mini cuppys with the cutest little sprinkles and pink frosting…)….to date…that is my absolute favorite picture EVER. This, I correct myself from last post, is Lauren. This is the most Lauren that one can physically describe me as. I just stare at this picture…and smile.

But anyway…on to the good stuff. My Key Club from my old high school (sad face) was in need of a cute little treat for their party…and well….I thought it was necessary to contribute. Not that I like baking or anything (haha). So I thought I would introduce them to some cupppys and caballs. Wondering what caballs are? Well, I created that name for cake balls….mainly because I’m too lazy to say the whole name…plus it’s really cute. Bear with me please.

The cupcakes were from a box and the icing was from a can. (Phhffew…I’m glad I just admitted that). But, in my defense…I didn’t get home until 9 and that was the best I could do. Plus…it was a Valentine flavored cake mix…and pink Valentine Pillsbury icing!! Oh man, how could I pass that up?)

Now for the CaBalls…I’ve given the recipe before…but theses are cute…and I think you should make them. I’m surpised I made so many of them with this mix…cause I’m sure I ate half of it.

Valentine CaBalls
Easy as Pie. Bake a cake. Crumble it up into a bowl. Add enough icing for it to blend together when you mix it. Form balls. Put in refrigerator. Coat in chocolate. Try not eatin 14 of them.

A little picture of what it looks like. This is the combination of my two most favorite things. Cake….and icing. Is there anything better in this world???

I themed my Ca’balls in a Valentine sort of aura. I sprinkled heart sprinkles on the chocolate coated masterpieces before they hardened.
This=best thing I have ever come up with! (at least I think so..but you can correct me if you feel otherwise) A HEAT CABALL? All that you have to do differently is to shove the cake ball substance through a little heart cookie cutter. It takes a little more time….but look how cute it is…….it’s so worth it!

Off to Key Club! With my heart right in the middle!