Dinner Date Deceivers

So….out dinner guest did finally retrieve their health. So…it was a go. Except I was in a slight jam. It was 10:00, I had to work at 10:30-4, the guest was arriving around 5pm, and I had finished off (not single-handedly) the first fruit tart. Loved ever 13,560 calories of it. Would do it again in a heart beat actually.

Anyway…I was in a tight pinch. So, thankfully Ard’s Farm Market Spurred one idea, and my love for fruit tart and fruit tart “look-alikes” help me with the other. Here’s what I did:

I went completely “Sandra Lee” with semi-homeade cooking.

I call the first easy peasy dessert: Yummy looking, completely easy, everyone will be amazed, little bites of heaven. (that’s my original name too.)

The process to making these is really quite delightful and easy:

Recipe for Lauren’s Yummy Looking, Completely Easy, Everyone will be AMazes, Little Bites of Heaven.

  • One package of Athens brand (or any brand) phyllo shells (prebaked). You can find them in the freezer aisle next to the pastries.
  • Mixed fruit, such as fresh rasperries, blueberries, and strawberries.
  • One “can” or “packet” of strawberry pie glaze (usually found in the fresh fruit, close to the strawberries)
  • splenda
  • dark, white, or milk chocolate (optional)

Steps to success:

1. Cut and wash fresh fruit. Cover with glaze (to taste), sprinkle with splenda. Place in Phyllo shells.

2. On wax paper, pipe chocolate “circles” or “designs.” Wait until hardened. Peel off, and place on tarts. Refrigerate until ready to serve. (Serve within one hour or phyllo will get to soggy.) (Easy chocolate melting steps: PLace a few chips or wafers in a plastic bag, microwave on 20 second increments, mashing in between. Snip off end of bag and pipe away!)

3. Pretend that you are a master pastry chef. hehe I did. They were quite impressed! You will be amazed!

Easy Peasy Dessert #2: I call this Banana Trifle (the cheating version)

Recipe for the Cheating Banana Trifle

  • One loaf of pre-made Banana Break (at least I know who made it! Thank you Ard’s Farm Market). Am I proud? No, but no one at dinner knew it wasn’t mine! Muahaha!
  • One box ofsugar-free banana pudding mix (plus the two cups of milk it calls for)
  • Two-Three bananas (sliced)

1. Cut up the banana bread into small cubes. Place in bottom of clear trifle dish.

2. Prepare pudding as directed on the box. Leaving enough for two more layers, spoon the pudding overtop of the bread cubes.

3. Place one sliced banana on top of the pudding.

4. Repeat steps one-three once more. Finish with a top layer of banana pudding. Top with fresh fruit of your choice. I chose blueberries, but if you wish to be more daring, please be my guest.

5. Pretend that you made that pretty little thing. That you’ve slaaavved hours making that moist and delectable banana bread and homeade pudding. You can do it! You’ve earned it!