Diva Chocolate (Need I say More)

I’m pretty sure that it is unecessary to explain the correlation between Divas and chocolate. Well, let me put it into a simple equation for you. Chocolate+Divas=Happy Divas. Also let me share an alternate equation with you. Diva’s+no chocolate= you don’t want me to go there. It’s not pretty. So you can thank me for giving the divas of the world chocolate. I thought it would be the perfect favor, and, must I say, it was!

My Christmas Pretzel Bites! Oh so delightful.
1.Prehead oven to 350*
2. Place “Holiday Pretzels” from Rold Gold on a cookie sheet. Place on hershey kiss (any variety) on top of each pretzel.
3. Place in oven until just beginning to melt.
4. Take out of the oven and immediately put an mnm (or to mix things up place a Reeses pieces on there, that’ll really take them for a spin!)
5. Let set, and gobble down approximately 23 at one time, I’m pretty sure that’s one serving haha!

Chocolate covered oreos. Need I say more? It’s super easy to. Just melt some chocolate melting wafers, dip, scrape, and repeat. Cover with sprinkles and enjoy!! Also, in the back you can see some oreo clusters. This comes from me getting so frustrated with those stinking broken oreos in the package that i felt it necessary to break them all into little pieces and throw them into chocolate because I was disgraced with them. No longer will I be disgraced with these tiny broken morsels of delight. For I greated these “oreo clusters” Equally as delicious!
A picture of my chocolate covered oreos drenched in the white melty stuff. Equally as satisfying!

Ok, please brace yourself. This might be the best chocolate covered story ever.
Choco-Peanut Butter Ritz
Items Needed:
Ritz Crackers
Creamy Peanut Butter
Melting Chocolate
1. Take two ritz crackers and spread with peanut butter.
2. Cover in chocolate, decorate with sprinkles
Holy Peanut butter crap, thats all I have to say.
Yummy, Yummy Yummy. Oh, but don’t worry; I made an extra box for me-hehe! Also, as you can see, I chocolate covered some marshmallows and some kraft caramels (both found in the grocery story.) I also purchased some snowflake chocolate molds and package molds. I melted some green and red melting wafers, and voolah! Now it’s your turn, go ahead. What are you waiting for?

All ready to go! Oh how my ladies loved them. I heard rumors that some were attempting to hide these delicate morsels from their children. How sneaky! I love it!