Fantasy Football

I was utterly excited about this one. The one and only Lewisburg Green Dragons (which I made oodles of cupcakes for earlier this season) had contacted me about cupcake catering their football banquet. Of course, due to the fact that I followed them everywhere they went and withered away in sub below temperatures just to see them, I was going to take this job. In fact, thinking about December, I kind of want to vomit. I remember one game I was bundled up so tightly I could hardly watch the game. I believe I had a total of 8 body warmers, three jackets, two pairs of pants, battery operated socks, and two blankets.  After the game, I couldn’t feel any of my extremities. Actually, they were purplish blue, probably not the healthiest color for toes and fingers to be. I must stop now, my toes are starting to frostbite.

So, off to work I was. Dying and rolling fondant, molding logos, cutting out stars, and making a gold district medal. I owed it to myself to make this cake special, I mean, the dragons are a big part of my life. And, I happen to be dating a dragon veteran…and I kind of like him…a lot.

I just love these little star cutouts. Although they were rather tricky when trying to get them to stay put, melted chocolate works rather well as glue…I might have used a teeny tiny bit of superglue…but no big deal :) No harm no foul.

If you can’t tell, I was going for the “Lewisburg is so awesome that they rip out of a football” look.

Football and Medal CakeAnd of course, a medal to signify greatness, and some grass to give it that nice realistic feel.

And of course again, I couldn’t be satisfied without cupcakes..and lots of them at that. Actually, about 225 of them. Let’s just say…my Saturday and Sunday were not filled with football, wings, and parties. I was caking…and loving it :)