Fried Freshman Makes Cookies (CCPS #1)

I know, I have no excuse for not posting anything in the last fifteen days. But, I have an excuse. It is a solid excuse to..not a whimpey one. It’s called college. Yes, it does suck. It may be the “best times of your life” if you actually had a life, haha. The sad part is how true that really is. But now that finals are completed, I feel like a new women! And Bake I SHALL!

Also, don’t worry, I’ve been baking. Oh my I’ve been baking. In fact, I’m amazed at the amount I bake, by still being overwhelmed by schoolword. Hmmm…it’s a mystery to me.

I will now attempt to make up for my lost ground. It is called “Christmas Cookie Practice Sessions.” Commonly referred to as CCPS, this is how I deliberate what will be on my final cookie platters that are handed out to family and friends. So this is my first practice round. Conveniently, it was the birthday of a family friend, so technically I had an excuse to make these tiny morsels of joy.

I must let out a little confession. I used refrigerated cookie dough for the chocolate chip cookies, but listen it’s not a big deal. Conceal the evidence, and no problem, just smile and say, “thank you, my sweat and toil paid off.” You still baked them, so pat yourself on the back for not burning them.

CCPS Cookie #1 (A Lauren Original)

S’more Chocomuffin Cookies
Items Needed:
One roll of refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or Preportioned (shhhhh)
Twelve Marshmallows (Cut in half horixontally)
Melting Wafers (I used milk chocolate)
Sprinkles (Don’t skimp on these…or I will come after you….don’t test me)

1. Preheat oven to 350′

2. Grease mini muffin pans with cooking spray.

3. Roll cookie dough into 1 1/2 inch balls and flatten slightly into muffin pan.

4. Bake for approximately 7-8 minutes.

5. Immediately place one half of a marshmallow on top, bake for 2 minutes more or until marshmallow is puffy.
6. Let cool, drizzle chocolate on top, and sprinkles. Let chocolate harden and ENJOY!
PS This is a keeper, and quick!! If you want to be Becky HomeEcky then be my guest and make homeade dough.

CCPS Cookie #2
Chocolate Stars (Or whatever the heck you want to make)

Items Needed:
Melting Wafers
Cookie Cutters

1. Melt melting wafers in a ziploc bag, squishing every 20 seconds. Snip a corner of the end of the bag and fill up a cookie cutter with chocolate!

2. Place sprinkles all over onto melty part. Place something rather large and heavy on top of the cookie cutter (an option would be your younger sibling, a ham, or even a textbook-be creative)

3. Let set, pop of of the mold, and enjoy!
CCPS Cookie/Treat #3
Peanut Clusters(aka Mother’s Talent)
I love the story behind these, because these clusters are not mine. They are my mother’s. She frantically threw them together due to the realization that she needed to take a dessert to a party and I wasn’t there. What to do? So she tore open part of my Chrimstas melting chocolate stash and bought a bag of peanuts, and came up with this. As you can see in the picture above, she’s pretty good at the peanut thing. And the recipe is pretty self-explanatory!
Happy Christmas Cookie Baking!
Miss Cupcake