Gelato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Friday was a day filled with amazement, and amazement in more than one area. I was scheduled to meet two of the girls from the pastry school to find the rest of our necessities for pastry school. However, Jared and I decided to stop by the market, which we had heard was strewn with fresh fruit, fresh meats, cheeses, and baked treats.

So..obviously, that was something that had to be done.

I have never witnessed a more beautiful sight. I had a time limit because of the meeting, had I not I would have still been inside, marveling at the multi-colored pastas, the fresh seafood, and the Italian-ness of it all. I would have made a bed for myself in the fresh greens and slept there just so I could wake up inside of this beautiful sight. The pictures, as well as what I saw in person, are beautiful.

The selection of dried fruit was impeccable.

Everything was fresh and super cheap.

The colors radiated!

Artisian crackers, cookies, and biscuits,

“Funghi” as they are called in Italian. A ridiculous amount of mushrooms.

Beautiful multi-colored pasta.

Gorgeous wines.

More dried wonderful-ness

Gorgeous color!

Delicious breads and rolls, which I bought! In all, I purchased the following for only 5 Euro!

  • a cucumber
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 pieces of focaccia bread
  • 3 apples
  • large spinach bunch
Then, I decided to make my own lunch, complete with fresh EVERYTHING!

But after this brilliant exchange with fresh fruit, healthy ingredients, and lots of walking…

I decided to make another conscious decision that would be beneficcial to my future health.

One gelato a day…

every day…

for the rest of my time here.

And luckily, after my third try on gelaterias, I was led to the perfect one. This particular shop was packed away in a slightly sketchy part of  Via de Neri, right next to my apartment. I never would have walked in if it weren’t for my friend Jessica and her recommendation.

People, they have like 293 flavors.

And I only understand the names of 5 of them.

So look, marvel, gaze, and slobber as I embark on this journey.

Can I do it?

Heck yeah I can.

The gelato flavors that I’ve already had from Gelateria de’ Neri, you might ask?

Well, they are surely unique, but that is what I LOVE about them. Every flavor has something different about it. Maybe it’s the fact that they are freaking delicious and I’d rather have someone steal my childhood blanket than be restricted from trying all 792 flavors.

Plus, they have these baby .50 Euro cones that I use to try all of the “crazy” flavors with.

My favorite to date has GOT to be the yogurt con uva y fresca. It’s a delicious yogurt based gelato with grapes and strawberries.

I would do alot of illegal things just to eat this every night.

And I have….for the past 4 nights.

 The ricotta and fig was surprising FANTASTIC as well!

These are the cones that I will slowly devour each and every night for the next 100 and some odd days.

I like a good challange,

but unfortunately, this one comes way to naturally to me.

P.S. These are my roomates! (To the right: Taylor, Bianca, Sabrina, and Susan)

My Australian co- kitchen prisoner Jessica is to my left.

Ciao for now!