Gingerbread House Build-a-thon


I haven’t done this in forever. I’ve planned really cute gingerbread parties, but things always came up and it ended very unfortunately. So, I put my foot down. I explained to Jared how utterly important the process of making gingerbread houses is to a person during the Christmas season. He bought the whole thing. Some would say he is whipped. I like to say he is conditioned. :)

Due to the incapability of knowing how to put it together, we both just sat there for a minute trying to figure out what to do. I actually got my whole house up…and then it fell. I thought Jared would comfort me. I was wrong…he looked over at me and smiled like he was so proud of himself that his house stayed up. Bravo, meat-head, bravo.

As you may be able to notice, by this time I was ridiculously confused and Jared was almost pouting. I was determined to get my house up again.

Then, it happened. Jared opened up my baking closet and out he came. No, I did not tell him where to find this, nor did I feel it was necessary. He pulled it out, he put it on, and he tied a nice little bow in the back. What a cutie.

We had this grand-slam type of idea. We thought we needed to give the house a texture that other gingerbread houses couldn’t boast. We decided on golden grahams and cinnamon toast crunch.  Jared’s house has the “my house has just been in a blizzard” kind of cozy feel.Unfortunately for my stomach, all of the cracked ones found their way in there…actually the non-cracked ones too.

Now, being the person I am, I fished through all of the cereal to make sure that I found all of the straight and perfect peices. I stole a few of Jared’s to. I call it “two-toned roof.”

Now, here is my finished product. We decided that these gingerbread houses are absolutely spot on representations of our personality. Mine is neat, systematic, and straight. Jared’s is crazy, blistered, and full of wonder and confusion. Yep, that’s us.

Now, the main focus of this post is obviously Jared’s house. After three hours of hard-core gingerbread boot camp. his finished product is nothing short of interesting. Can someone explain to me what that pile of white and pink goo is up there? Well let me tell you. That, my friends, is the result of Jared trying to make a snowman with royal icing. Then he realized that it looked more like feces that a wintery pasttime. So, he covered it in pink stuff and called it a cookie. Ok Jared, there is a cookie like 1/5 the size of your house outside of your window. Logical.

Well, he saved himself with the snowman cookie. He decided to build a Christmas tree ontop of his cookie, and top it with an ice cream cone. Hehe, even better.

Do you see what that says? I heart LE. What a sweety. What a completely conditioned sweety. :)

The first mistake here was me giving him green melting chocolate. You can see the second mistake.

I have no words left to say about his Gingerbread house. I feel that it would be better if I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Take some time out of your day to make a gingerbread house with someone you love.