Hail King Jared’s Cake

The time has come for the King to depart from High School. So the only proper way for Jared Smith to properly be escorted out of his kingdom was with a cake from Miss Cupcake. I mean, it’s my normal reaction to important events such as this.

Deciding how to make Jared’s cake was quite a daunting task, I must tell you. There were so many important aspects of his senior year that NEEDED to be showcased. So, I just decided to show them ALL! This is usually how I do things, over the top that is.

But, the most important aspect of the cake was most definitely – the chocolate crown, one of the most painful and sad, yet rewarding things. The crown broke on me three times before I even got to taken pictures. Then, as the last break was taking place, my dad walked in…as I was weeping. But it all worked out.

At the party, Jared’s dad really thought that he should show everyone the cake. I couldn’t believe how he swung the cake around to show everyone without breaking the crown. It was practically a miracle. I thought that maybe the crown had become indestructible…until Jared tried to pick it up…and it shattered to the ground … hehehe … and he almost cried …he he … no I really think he did.

And now that I probably have everyone confused about the objects on this cake, take a look at this “map” of Jared’s cake…it will soon make sense, don’t fret.