Heart of Hearts

Yes, you’ve caught me; making cupcakes again! I just can’t resist. I jump at the opportunity. My friend’s 16th birthday was approaching quickly, and she asked me to make her some birthday treats! Cupcakes and cake balls were in order.

Cake balls are yummy little cakey treats dipped in chocolate, but I will give you the full recipe. This, is one you MUST try. You will be cake ball hooked-forever!

Red Velvet Cake Balls

one red velvet cake mix
water, oil, and eggs called for on the box
One can of Pillsbury creamy surpreme icing
Melting chocolate

1. Bake the cake as directed on the package.
2. Let cool, crumble into small pieces into a large bowl.
3. Add 1/2-3/4 of the can of icing. Depending if you rather your cake ball more cakey or with more icing
4. Form into balls. Chill.
5. Melt chocolate, dip balls into chocolate and let set until hardened
6. Enjoy!

* The great thing about this recipe is that is can be changed into a variety of different flavors by just altering the cake mix and icing. I’ve made chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry vanilla cake balls. You can also make spice/cream cheese, lemon/vanilla, and yellow/vanilla cake balls! Use your imagination!

* You can also add your own homeade touch just by using your favorite cake or icing recipe!