Introducing The Miss Cupcake Whoopie Pie Bar

So, I’ve been holding out on you. I wanted to save it, hide it in a box, and bury it in a ditch. However, due to the intesity of awesomeness, I couldn’t do it. You will find out sooner or later. This, this is big.

Behold: The whoopie pie bar.

The answer to all dessert woes,

The solution to all sweet sorrow,

The reply to a treat dilemma,

The final resolution to war.

Now, because this is a brand new concept, I will walk you through the steps, so that you can prepare yourself to order your own Miss Cupcake Sweet Whoopie Pie Bar for your next function.

Pick several flavors of whoopie pie shells. You can make up a flavor, or choose the classics.

Next, try and compliment your shell choices with you filling choices. If this is just too much for you, do not fret or lose any hair over it, I’m here to help. It’s kind of  my job.

Lastly, pick a bunch of toppings. Now, this is the fun part. Depending on how kind you are, you can try to cover a broad range of your guests preferences, or if you were me, I would just choose all of the ones that sounded good to me…and hope that everyone else liked them :)

And lastly, this is the sweet and romantic and funny and lovely part. This is the “Let’s Make Whoopie” section. You tell me some cute things about why you are hosting the event, or funny things about the birthday prince or princess. Or, tell  me cute things about you and your finance. I’ll put together a memento with steps to whoopie pie success and  menu options for the guests to talk about.

Then, watch the guests create their own masterpieces.

And you, you the impressive host who thought of something so magical, you can fold your arms, give a little chuckle, and breathe a sigh of party planning relief.

You, my friend, are a host goddess.

You can make your whoopies as sexy and fancy as you would like, or, make it a casual affair.

Some sweet options to tempt you!

I come.

I set it up.

You sit and enjoy the party.

I come and tear it down.

Wow. Party planning just got 13949229% better.

You can thank me later.

Whoopie Pie Bar Prices: Start at a minimum of $100

What do I get? All packages include:

  • Whoopies, fillings, and toppings
  • Coordinating jar and tray rental
  • Custom made menu
  • Custom made tags
  • Serving utensils
  • Tablecloth rental
  • Deliver, Set-up, and Tear Down available for a small fee.

Base Package: $5 per person

  • 3 Shells
  • 3 Fillings
  • 3-4 Toppings

Medium Package: $7 per person

  • 4 Shells
  • 4 Fillings
  • 4-6 Toppings
  • Includes option of custom decorated whoopies: airbrushed color, chocolate design, or fondant decorations.

Extravagant Pacakge: $9 per person

  • 5-6 Shells
  • 4-5 Fillings
  • 8-10 Toppings
  • Includes option of custom decorated whoopies: airbrushed color, chocolate design, or fondant decorations.

 Lastly, before I finish, I would like to tell you all a little bit about my New Year’s Eve.

My conversation with Jared.

Lauren: Can we go on a dinner cruise or a ball, I suppose I could settle for either one.

Jared: Sure honey, whatever you want. He then reminds me that we are both under 21.

Lauren: FINE!

At this point in the conversation, we both realize, that due to the fact that we are both under 21, and we don’t drink, we figured our New Years Eve options were dull. Dull as a butterknife.

Lauren: You know Jared, there is only one thing left.

Jared: Yes?

Lauren: Times Square

And that, my friends, is where we went

After walking 40 blocks to see one screen 20 blocks away from the actual ball, not being able to even get a glimpse of the ball, eating peanut butter and applesauce in the upstairs of a McDonald’s, Jared carrying a chair through the city because I needed something to sit on, and paying $50 for a rickshaw ride driven by a man who looked exactly like Tom Hanks in the Terminal.

We failed.

See picture below.

So, lessons learned…you might ask?

Never again take a rickshaw ride.

Don’t go to Central Park after 7pm on New Years Eve.

Don’t go to Times Square on New Years Eve.

Listen to the cop who told us that our best luck to see the ball would be at home on the TV.

However, the positives of the trips we equally as numerous.

Awesome New Years Tiara.

Flashing glasses that almost gave Jared a seizure.

Yeah…that’s pretty much it.