July Whoopie Pie Sale: Quick, Before I Board!

It’s time, my friends……to announce the most wonderful news (yet slightly depressing) ever!

This will officially be the second to last sale before I morph into an Italian pastry chef, use my hands to communicate, and say “pasta fagioli” just because I can. (Apparently, my dear Jared believes that every time there is soup on the menu at a restaurant, he finds it imperative to loudly exclaim to the rest of the patrons that it must be “pasta fagioli”….hands and all…..just like an Italian. I would say that I’m embarrassed, but you don’t witness half of the things that I do in public!)

So,  that being said, the next two sales will be epic. I will be unleashing some super amazingly wonderfully scrumptious flavors that are necessary for one to consume. I might even hold a “What whoopie do you want?” sale in August, to put a lovely end to a lovely run of whoopie goodness.

But, for those of you that are not aware, I leave for a journey on August 27th. This journey involves many wonderful things, such as me gaining a significant amount of weight, spending too much money on Italian leather, and stretching my stomach to withstand the amount gelato that I feed it.

Yes, I will be attending Pastry and Baking School in Florence, Italy. I will be taking classes in the whole relm of baking, including: Italian Breads, Gelato and Italian Ice, Cookies and Petit Fours, Baking Techniques, and Italian Cakes and Tarts.

To say the least, I am ecstatic. Elated, exuberant, and tantalized with wonder. But don’t worry, I’ll be back the end of December.

The sad news…is that I must leave the United States, and take with me my love of sweet things and habit of providing goodies. Therefore, please utilize this time wisely. BUY A SUPPLY OF WHOOPIE PIES, PEOPLE! Do you understand what this means? Nada whoopie for 4 months.

That being said, I will be sure to update The Miss Cupcake..and you will hear more about what I have been doing recently (think big!) and more about my trip in another post. Now…lets get back to the sugar laden task at hand…Hello…whoopie flavors.

And you are welcome for the red velvet humor that will follow.

July Whoopie Pie Extravaganza Flavors

  • Old School Original: The classic chocolate fudge shell filled with a creamy vanilla frosting.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: This chocolate fudge whoopie pie has a mini peanut butter cup baked right inside! Next, the shell is dipped in milk chocolate, filled with a creamy peanut butter filling, and finished with a peanut butter twirl.
  • Give Me S’mores: It all starts with a graham cracker flavored whoopie pie. Next, chocolate is lathered on, topped with  a marshmallow filling, and finished with another whoopie shell. Lastly, it’s drizzled with milk chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs. Campfire perfect….without the fire hazard. (Picture below)
  • Peach Melba Crumble: This traditional dessert is taken to a whole new level. Plump peaches infuse this delicious whoopie that is topped with a traditional cobbler “crumble.” Stuffed with raspberry filling and drizzle with white chocolate, this whoopie is bursting with summer lovin.
  • Red Velvet: This traditional moist buttermilk whoopie pie is stuffed with a light cream cheese icing, and bursting with class and an elegant white chocolate twirl. It’s phenomenal, nothing short of it.
  • Price: $30 per dozen
  • Dates: Whoopies will be available Saturday, July 28 – Monday Morning, July 30
  • Whoopie pies MUST be ordered by Thursday, July 26th
  • Delivery is available for a small fee. Free delivery on orders $90 and above.
  • Email orders or questions to themisscupcake@hotmail.com or call directly at (570) 713-5421

Jared’s favorite up there….just saying.

All whoopies come delightfully packaged and stamped with a lovely lady-laden sticker.

And of course, the original whoopie trio trying to make a  joke….oh…you guys!

 Eat me. Bite me. Order me. I am your inner red velvet whoopie pie…crying out for love and affection.