Just a Pea in a Pod Cake

 FINALLLY! I finally received an order for a baby shower cake. I’m breaking into a new market! I have had this intense craving to utilize my baking obsession by channeling my energy into a baby shower cake for soooo long!! What’s not to love? Everything about a baby shower is cute: the decorations, the cute little snacks, the pretty punch, the beautiful wrapping paper. All, except that absolutely horrific game that people sometimes play called “smell the crap in the diaper and try to guess what it is.” How do people live with themselves.

Anyway, thanks to a lovely recommendation from Stacy Mast (shoutout to you!), I had the wonderful opportunity to make  a cute pea in a pod cake. The topper is the cutest! Thank you to Pink Cake Box for the inspiration!

 The pea pod carriage had four wheels, little peas inside, and an adorable little “mysterious” baby. The sex of the actual baby this shower was for is actually being withheld from the press. Apparently people are itching to know, but she’s not telling!


 I’m in love with this precious little baby!

And his precious little hat. I mean his or her precious little hat!