Krista & Ben’s Wedding Cupcake Frenzy

Congratulations to the cutest bride ever! Krista Strawser is adorable. I was so thrilled to make her wedding cupcakes for her special day.

It all started one spring evening when Krista, her mother, my mother, and I decided that we would meet for dinner to discuss cupcakes. After rearranging the time of meeting several times, we had settled on 6:30pm. I convinced my mother that she needed to drive due to the fact that I was holding the precious samples of sugar. She bought it, and we were off. New Berlin mountain proved to be a struggle, as a flashing red light appeared behind the car. “What seems to be the problem officer?” Yes, my friends, my mother was not aware that 52 mph in a 35 was not acceptable. That being said, we were very late. However, these cupcakes were safe and she loved them.

Sorry mom. That was for snoring last night while I was trying to watch Bridezilla. Love you :)

Below are Krista’s lovely wedding cupcakes. Feast your eyes.

Did I mention that I have my first employee? Hehe. Let me give you a hint, he is tall, handsome, sweet, wears an apron with pink bows, and makes a mean banana split cake. Any clue? Oh yes, that would be Jared. I discussed his wage, and we were off to work. I really like this whole “being the boss” thing. It’s quite nice. As I was talking with Jared about his duties, I said, “Hey Jared…this is such a good idea. You can hire people to due your work and still make money!” Jared turned to me and said, “Yeah, it’s called employees.” Oh…thanks for clearing that up :)

This tux is one of the cutest things Miss Cupcake has ever done, according to my dad..haha. Krista decided that she wanted cupcakes to “cut” instead of a small cake (That idea is super cute). So, I made a HUGE tux cupcake!

I also made a teeny tiny bride cupcake. Krista devised this lovely plan to smash the huge cupcake in Ben’s face. However, because of the tiny nature of this little cupcake, she hoped that Ben would not be granted the same opportunity for her! I hear that she got him good!

Is that not the sweetest little thing you ever did see?

And the cupcake tree. This is what the finished products looked like. Krista did a fabulous job with the colors! The room looked fantastic. (I think her mother had quite a bit to do with it as well :)

Even the napkins were perfectly placed around the tree!

 The lovely couple are now on their honeymoon. I asked her about it and she said, “Lauren, I’ll tell you..but you can’t laugh.” I think they are looking at monuments somewhere…and I’m sure they are LOOOVING it! (hehe)  Congrats to you both!