Later Gator

A gator. A Florida gator. It’s interesting how I always get stuck making this stinking gator. I’m a Penn State fan for crying out loud. Why haven’t i had an order for the Penn State Lion? These questions haunt my mind. For now, however, I’ll just refer to it as the evil gator. I mean, look at it’s eye. Creepy. Really creepy. Extraordinarily creepy.

And then there is the teeth … why so many? Why do gators have to be so fierce and ferocious? I just don’t understand. Why aren’t there mascots like bunnies, fairies, kittens, and dragons?….oh wait..;)

Well, off my angry mascot kick, I made a cake…as you might have been able to pick up on. Remember that wedding cake I made a while back? Yeah, well the grooms infatuation with the Florida gators didn’t seem to wane much. Not at all actually. You know you have a problem when you make a cake based on a bathroom rug. It’s ok Jeff, I have a problem too … I have an obsession with cake. So we are even.

So here’s a picture of the bathrug inspired cake, complete with angry gator topper.

Happy Birthday Jeff. I hope your bath-rug tasted delightful :)