Let’s Make Whoopie Needs YOU!

Let’s Make Whoopie has graciously offered you the chance to partake in the flavor selection process for the August sale, which, must I remind you, is THE LAST SALE before I go to Italy.

Yes, it’s a big deal…plan for massive whoopie pie order mode now. Give yourself time to mentally prepare for this.

But the point of the post is to alert you that your expertise is needed…

If you will give me a few moments of your time to fill out this survey located at the link below, I will reward you with my kindness… well and the opportunity to select your own flavors!

Go. Here. Now.

Click here to view the survey!

It takes 5.267 seconds on average to complete this.

Longer if you drool over the flavor possibilities.

PS….did you like my peach pun? Hehe