Let’s Make Whoopie! Valentine’s Day Whoopie Pie Sale (AND LOGO REVEAL!)

This is the moment I have been waiting and hopeing and praying and wishing (la-la-la-la) for since 2009 when The Miss Cupcake first popped up in my head as a decent idea. Ever since, I’ve been waiting on that absolutely perfect designer to come around, put up with my excessive perfectionism and indesiciveness, and create me the most beautiful of logos.

Well my friends, the day has come. And, what a more perfect occassion than this to tell you of my new sister company, Let’s Make Whoopie, which will (obviously) be the whoopie pie division of The Miss Cupcake. Let’s Make Whoopie has a logo of her very own too. You’ll  hear more about Let’s Make Whoopie in the days to come. But now, the whoopie pies…and the logo! And the bow….well that’s just for Valentine’s Day..cause I’m festive like that :)

Oh yes, the February “Love is in the air…gotta buy a whoopie for my sweetheart” whoopie pie sale.

And the line up is (drum roll please……….)

  • Old School Original: Wouldn’t it be a crime if I did not include this chocolate fudge whoopie filled with a classic vanilla filling. Give this to your old school lovin’ Valentine.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry: This delicious “healthy because it has fruit in it” whoopie starts with a moist strawberry shell, filled with vanilla filling, and dipped in a silky milk chocolate. A pretty chocolate drizzle finishes this work of art. Give this to your “I’m on a diet so I can’t eat whoopie” Valentine. They’ll never know ;)
  • Chocolate Box Whoopie Pie: This chocolate fudge shell is stuffed with chocolate chips, filled with a chocolate filling and finished with a chocolate drizzle. I mean, if I do say so myself, this is chocolate heaven. Give this to your “Why in the world would mother nature give me her gift on Valentine’s Day” Valentine….if you catch my drift
  • Zebra Cake Whoopie: This whoopie tastes just like the Little Debbie snack cakes we all know and love. A yellow whoopie shell is filled with a vanilla filling and topped with a thin layer of white chocolate ganache. Lastly it’s zebra striped with milk chocolate. Give this to your “I wish I was a wild animal” Valentine.
  • Valentine Card Whoopie Pie: This whoopie is as cute as a button. A white shell reveals a baked in pink heart. It’s filled with vanilla filling and rolled in festive Valentine sprinkles. Give these to your child’s classroom Valentine’s. You’ll be the coolest mom ever. Yeah….don’t try and tell me it’s not a contest.
  • All whoopies are $30 per dozen
  • Minimum Order of 1 dozen

Other Offerings:

  • Make Your Whoopie a Valentine! For an extra charge , custom To From labels will be attached to all of your whoopies! What a great alternative to paper Valentines!
  • $5 per dozen
  • Life is Like a Box of Whoopie Pies Gift: 4 assorted mini whoopie pies are nestled in a pretty pink bakery box. Topped with a ribbon and a custom personalized card, this gift is a must for Valentine giving. This treat will let you valentine saying “Let’s Make Whoopie”….get it? tehehe
  • $10 per box


  • Whoopie Pie Sale Dates:  Whoopies will be available Saturday February 11 thru Monday February 13
  • Orders  MUST be in by Friday, February 10
  • Email orders or questions to themisscupcake@hotmail.com or call 570-713-5421 and talk to me in person… slightly more entertaining ;)