Meet Erica: The New Miss Cupcake!

A message from The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie Founder, Lauren Elsasser

To my precious lovers of sweetness,

Six years ago, I agreed to bake a wedding cake for someone while I was at a roller-skating party. I was seventeen, naïve, and had never baked anything for money. I studied for hours, culling through Google images and practicing every fondant technique I had ever seen on the Food Network. The special wedding day came, the cake was delivered perfectly in its place, and I was beaming with joy.

Since that stormy evening six years ago at the roller-skating rink, I have had the pleasure of surprising and delighting brides, birthday girls, retirees, and family members. I have been blessed beyond measure by customers who have come up to me at fairs and festivals and have congratulated me on purchasing a food truck and pursuing my dreams. My customers have inspired me more than my vision of this business ever could have.

When I slid two rings on my left ring finger last May, however, my passions and dreams became “our” passions and dreams. My business became “our” business. Jared’s dreams of becoming a physician became my dream of Jared becoming a physician. Knowing full-well that there were no medical schools in the Lewisburg area, I started searching far and wide for Miss Cupcake’s predecessor. I was picky, I was meticulous, and I would not settle. For several years I have been meeting with potential buyers, hoping to find that special someone who would embody the Miss Cupcake spirit and somehow make it their own (and find a similar joy in it that I did).

When I first met with Erica Reichenbach to discuss the potential purchase, I knew she was the perfect one for the job. She has a passion for excellence, a knack for knowing quality, and an appreciation for the sweeter side of life. Currently, Erica is the “Heart of House” Manager at Country Cupboard and knows everything there is to know about customer relationships, quality experiences, and food business in general. She has been in this industry for longer than I have been alive (over 30 years)!

As of February 1st, The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie is under her care. She will continue to offer the same gourmet products and personalized event services that I have since Miss Cupcake’s inception. Handing off this company to Erica is like letting my baby go to college at an Ivy League school. I couldn’t be prouder.

So where am I going and what am I going to do? Great question! First of all, we are going to rest. Jared and I are going to take a few weeks in August just to relish our moments together, celebrate our marriage, and reflect on all that the past has taught us. But then, we are MOVING! At this moment, we are not at liberty to share the location because it is still being finalized. Jared will be pursuing his medical degree and I will be pursuing my MBA along with my next creative venture, Lauren Elsasser Photography (coming soon at My desire to care for and bless people has only heightened; I’m delighted to now be able to capture that through the lens of a camera rather than through the aroma of baked goods.

To end, I want to make it extremely clear that I did not sell Miss Cupcake to “get rid of it,” but rather because I care so much about having something like this in OUR community. There is an absolute need for a bit of surprise and delight in life, whether that is taking time to smell beautiful wildflowers alongside the road or biting into a thoughtfully prepared whoopie pie.

Never forget that YOU have made Miss Cupcake what she is today. I love you all.

With sweet love,
Lauren Elsasser Smith, Founder

Erica’s Favorite Things // Color: Red, White, Black, and Silver // Night-Time Snack: Cheese & Crackers // Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Ripple // Place: Beach // Reason For Purchase: ” I currently work very long and hard hours and I’m looking forward to an exciting new adventure (and some sweet fun).”  // Fun Fact: “I have the most amazing family ever.”
Lauren Elsasser Photography will specialize in weddings, lifestyle portraits, and food!
Because this is really difficult news to hear (yet equally as wonderful), here is a heart-shaped donut.