Momma’s Birthday Blow-out

So I bet your wondering why I would show you this cake AGAIN! Well, if you must ask, I will tell. My mommy’s birthday was this week, and she wanted just one little teeny tiny thing for her birthday…THIS CAKE. Yes, behold, the Double Chocolate Buttercream Cake. I actually drool looking at it. So, I figured that I would please her, mini style. Yes, mini style. I think I have found my new passion, and it’s called mini cakes. This stinking cake was the cutest thing that I have ever seen! So, if anyone would like to help me with sampling my new mini cake love, I’d probably find it in my heart to hook you up big time!

I also thought that my mother needed some matching baby cakes, you know since that is how I roll and all.
But, I had a mini Lauren attack while I was making this delightful dish. As you very well may know, the chocolate buttercream icing (which is actually like licking heaven’s floors) calls for cocoa powder. I ran to the cupboard, yes ran. Guess what? NO COCOA POWDER! I had class in an hour and a half and there was no time to run to Weis and fufuill my cocoa powder desire. So, I needed to think, and I needed to think quick. Ahh-HAH! I’ve found the solution! Melted unsweetened baking squares! Let me just say folks. Heaven in a package right there! All that I did was add as much melted chocolate to make it chocolatey enough for me. (I used about 2 1/2 ounces)
If you are up to making this fabu-lash cake, click on the link below!

Mommy also requested my peanut butter explosion cake (mini style) for a fellow co-worker who shared her birthday, so I couldn’t resist. Another picture of cuteness. But wait.
Ahhh, now it’s perfect.

Last but not least, this. This would be my mother’s office. Yes, it was vandalism. Yes, Jared and Blake helped. But we just wanted to show that our mommy is the best! I think we got the message across.
And thanks to Blake’s words of advice, I didn’t have to write happy birthday 100 times on all those papers like I orginally had planned to do. In the words of Blake, “Use the copier, stupid.” My greatest thanks to you, kind brother.