More Baking Day With Torey!

More..More…More! Here is the evidence.

Peanut Butter Cup Tarts. Follow the recipe from Oct. 2009, just add festive Christmas sprinkles! PS…the batter is sssooo good to! Just be sure to bake more batter than you eat.

Also a prior cookie recipe. Oaty Oatmeal Cookies for Katherine recipe. Only, to these cookies I added randomn amounts of peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chunks, and M&M’s. Be creative…PS these are SUPER YUMMY!

So…here’s what happened with these. This is my recipe for my chocolate chip cookies which I shared with you a few posts ago (I had added M&M’s instead of choc. chips). Anyway, I went to dig out a pack of instant pudding and realized I only had two packs of sugar free in my
cupboard. (Freak-out Moment). Then, I added the two sugar-free packs instead, and baked them as normal. I rolled them into balls though. They didn’t flatten out in the oven, and the puffed up. They tasted cakey-er. There were absolutely fantastic. So….fortunately this worked out. I used M&M’s (as above) and choc chips (as below)