Record Cupcakes and Pinatas

I feel like it’s still finals week…only cupcake version. I’ve been quite busy with weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, and all kinds of cupcake events. I love it!

Recently I took part in the WGRC Talent Competition. With the help and support of all of my loved ones (and those who were bribed with baked goods), I WON! Yay!! So, I went to the station to record three songs with Blake and Brandon (Jared’s brother). In my first interview, I talked about my love of cupcakes, but I never did get to mention the name of my website. Therefore, I made SURE that I put in a little blurb for Miss Cupcake. I also took the station cupcakes. They said that I was welcome back there anytime that I ever felt the desire to come to a radio station, but only if I brought cupcakes…of course. In the course of my time there, I saw three guys each eat two cupcakes. One made sure that his first cupcake was followed by a banana…thinking that the fat and calorie cycle would be reversed due to his consumption of something healthy. Smart thinking. The other guys seemed to be very sneaky as they slowly opened the box and tried to be sneaky about it.

Later that evening, I received a delightful email from the office manager there. She had seen the post about hiring my father into the “Miss Cupcake” enterprise…she wanted to know if there was room for her 16 year old daughter. I love it, I love it, I love it. I love it all!

PS My interview and three recorded songs will air on Sunday, May 29 at 8pm! It will be available on a podcast online after the airing.

But back to the cupcake point, I had a few orders this weekend, and I would like to share a few pictures from one. Below are a few pictures from a 60 + 1 party. The cake and cupcakes are decorated with records and shiny sparkles. LOVE!


My grandfather had a birthday on Saturday. My dad came down stairs, looked at the cake, and started to worry. You see, my Papa was not 61. My dad thought that I had baked the cake for him. He never did tell me……thanks dad.

Vanilla cupcake with mint buttercream.

Chocolate fudge cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate fudge with mint buttercream.

All boxed up and ready to go!

Do you see this my friends? Mary Catherine (my cousin) had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon in Baltimore. I walked up to their absolutely gorgeous home and guess what I saw……..? This ravishing CUPCAKE PINATA! I cried in agony as I saw the cupcake being beaten and battered with a plastic bat. But as I was sobbing, something magical happened. Plastic bugs, mustache glasses, stickers, and water guns spewed out of the cardboard cupcake. Pain turned to excitement. The only problem? My cousin Palmer shoved all of the other two year old girls to the side as she collected all of her spoils.