Sesame Treat

Recognize this guy? You know, blue-furred, cookie eating, children’s best friend character?

Or how about this one? Yellow nose, apparently very tickle-ish, and a friend to all who know him.

Of course, it’s sesame street. Well, I guess in this case…it’s sesame treat. I was super excited about this project. In all of my cake/cupcake/sweet treat experiences…I have never, not once, done anything that was centralized around sesame street. I know, disappointing. But now, those sad days are through , and I’m a sesame street veteran…and I like it alot.

These cookie monster cupcakes are chocolate fudge flavored, topped with vanilla buttercream. Next, I rolled them in blue sanding sugar, made eyes with vanilla melting wafers, and shoved a chocolate chip cookie in their mouths.

And elmo. I used to have a tickle me elmo when I was a kid. Loved it. Now, they have gone crazy. The tickle me elmos  of this day are like robotic, small-children. They are slightly frightening. Therefore, I prefer cupcake version. Plus, you can eat it without being electrocuted. My kind of elmo :)

Along with cupcakes, a cute cake was ordered. This was the first time I actually had a picture to go by. It was exciting to see if I could recreate another cake artist’s work. It’s pretty close, buy if you know me…you know that I HAD to make it my own some-how.

So, I decided to do the alphabet on the top layer. Then, I received from above this lovely idea. Why not do the letters of the birthday girl’s name!!?? So, if you can see, only the letters in “Courtlynn” are present. Clever, huh?

And, at last, no cake is complete without rainbows, sunshine, trees, clouds, gumdrops, and rainbows. But, I couldn’t fit all that fru-fru on my cake.