The Best of Boston: Thanksgiving Burgers, Spoons with faces, and Lobster Trucks!

The best of Boston complete with thanksgiving burgers, spoons with faces, and lobster trucks. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you all of the history and tell  you about the important stuff, the food. Because, well….that is just what I do.

To begin, there is this absolutely amazing burger join right across from Harvard University in Cambridge University. I know, the words “burger” and “Harvard” are usually two words that never grace my vocabulary. One, I do not eat burgers, and two…Harvard…well I thought Harvard was gated and guarded by large body guards that asked for your social security number and household income before letting you in. Well….I was wrong….about both things actually.

This burger place, called Bartley’s Burger Cottage has been featured on Food Network and is apparently a BIG deal among local Harvardians. I actually never would have entered a place that only serves red meat if my exchange student brother didn’t force me inside.

Let’s just say…it was one of the best decisions of my life…but don’t tell him that :)

We got there at 2:30pm and there was a line outside of the restaurant. As you can see, the owner and his wife would nudge you on the back, give you a menu..and utter, “You have been here for 15 minutes…you should know your order by know!”

He didn’t know me very well.

There menu consisted of over 40 famous burgers, each with a unique sounded name…some VERY politically incorrect, which made it all the more enjoyable. Several of specific note:

  • The Oprah (her weight fluctuates more than the Dow)
  • The Afghan (attack this and you’ll never leave)
  • The Lady Gaga (Lady gagg me)

There were several others, but this blog is PG…remember? Oh…and that sign up there…..hilarious.

I saw this…and then I knew I had come to the right place, THE Guy Fierie was here. Right here!

Mom ordered the Jersey Shore. Beef burger with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, and served with crispy onion straws.

Here’s another look at the Jersey shore.

And then….then there was mine.

Like I said…I was rather skeptical about this whole burger joint thing. You see…it just ISNT my thing, plus…I hadn’t eaten anything other than yogurt, cereal, apples, and ham sandwiches for the past three months. But then…..then I saw it. The Plymouth Rock Burger. A seasoned turkey burger, loaded with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo.

I’m sorry friends, thinking about it makes me kind of emotional.

I need a moment here…….

Ok, so the only word I can think of for this?


That is…I could have died right there and been ok with it.

So, friends, Bartley’s Burger Cottage is well worth the wait.

Oh and the onion straws… I’ve ever had in my life.

Then, after I was stuffed to the brim with burgers, sweet potato fries, and onion straws, we walked past this cute little food truck. Lobsta love. Really? How ridiculously cute is that? I want one for my room.

Then, just when I thought I couldn’t take any more food, we walked past this little gem called Berry Line. Think coldstone creamery, yogurt version…or Pinkberry…better version.

There frozen yogurt tastes EXACTLY like the real stuff. It is literally yogurt, that has been frozen. It tastes for fresh and real. I’m already addicted to it. Then, they put all of the fresh fruit and toppings that you wish right on top.

They even have spoons with faces. Love.

And how cute is the shop? I also want one of this painted in my room.

Now, now I must prepare you for this visit to Sweet Cupcakes.

It is one of those things that might just blow your mind, because my mind has been.

It is similar to that time that mom’s mind was blown. She got on to to check her “status” (aka..have an excuse to order baskets) She stumbled upon potholders for 65 cents each. She cried for joy and ordered 5. You see, Longaberger has a reputation for ridiculously priced everything. Several days past and the box came. Mom, feeling so proud of her steal, picked them up out of the box….and got her mind blown too.

Baby potholders.

So now that all of our minds are blown, I can proceed. (But I would like to first admit that the potholder story really had nothing to do with anything, just something that I find ridiculously funny) Also like that time dad had an itch on his head…and looking around for something sharp settled on the elephant animal cracker her had.


Back to the cupcakes. I think it’s time to say it.

These cupcakes might be better than mine

Am I even allowed to say that?

No…I’m not sure I can. Never mind.

So this store radiates cuteness and simplicity. They have a plush pink door that leads to the cupcake cashier and an oober adorable CUPCAKE FERRIS WHEEL. Must. Get. One.

Their cupcakes were beautiful…which led me to think that they probably wouldn’t taste that good.

But I was wrong. REALLY REALLY wrong.

Behold, the best cupcake I have ever eaten….in my life.

The caramel apple cupcake. A vanilla cupcake filled with cinnamon apple preserves and topped with caramel buttercream, a Popsicle stick, and caramel drizzle.

It tasted like a pureed apple dumpling.

This day was supposed to be a “brunch hop” with my mom, going from cafe to cafe tasting a few bites of many things.

That brunch hop idea pretty much failed after I consumed the entire cupcake.

And then, there was mom’s. The Ginger Molasses cupcake.

Well…I’m not going to tell you how she liked it.

But, I will tell you that I have been receiving hints the last few days.

“You know, I could really go for a ginger molasses cupcakes”

“I wish I had a ginger molasses cupcake”

“Hey Lauren, you know that cookbook you bought? How about you try out one of the recipes….maybe the ginger molasses cupcake?”

She said it was ok…haha.

Trip to Boston=Success.

And Harvard…maybe I will see you someday soon.