The Miss Cupcake Christmas Gift Menu

You see that? Yes my friends, it is OFFICIALLY December and that means that The Miss Cupcake Christmas Gift Menu has officially been released!

Let me present you with a typical scenario.

You: *Searching though the 19 catalogs you got in the mail today*

“Wow, I wish I knew what to get (insert name here), there are so many useless objects in these wretched catalogs. (Like the batery operated socks (tried them…didn’t work), or the inflatable tie pillow (really? The caption states, “no one will ever know that you have a pillow in your tie…wow), the list goes on and on.

You then say, I wish I knew of a place that offered delicious cupcakes, lucious hand-dipped chocolates, and whoopie pies that are out of this world. If I found such place, I would order all of my Christmas gifts from her. Then, I could sit in the comfort of my own own, knowing that I will officially be the coolest aunt/sister/wife/mom of a school kid EVER.”

Lauren: “Well, now that you mention it……I have got you covered.”

So, your eyes may not be on your side today, depending on the size of your laptop screen, you may not be able to read any of that. So, being the kind-hearted soul that I am, I figured that I would just write it all out for you :)

  • The Miss Cupcake Whoopie Pie Sale: The perfect time to stock up on Christmas Whoopies! They freeze perfectly and are absolutely AMAZING for gifts. Each wrapped with a cellophane bag, twisty, and a lovely label.

Flavors and prices are available here. Make sure you order by Friday, December 9!

  • Chocolate Sweet Boxes: The perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, a friend, or yourself!! Includes an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolate covered pretzels, sugar wafers, cookies, peanuts, and muuuuch more. Even includes a chocolate box guide (so you don’t eat something that you aren’t really into….although I don’t think that will be a problem :) $16.00
  • Cupcake Sweet Boxes: A delicious assortment of 6 ($15.00) or 12 ($30.00) assorted Christmas cupcakes.Flavors include (but are not limited to) Snickerdoodle Cookie, Red Velvet Christmas Tree, Christmas Zebra Cake, Chocolate Marshmallow Snowman, and Gingerbread Man. Then, they are nestled in a pink box, wrapped with a ribbon, and finished with a Christmas Greeting.
  • “Mini” Cupcake Sweet Boxes: A delicious assortment of 12 mini cupcakes. Flavors like above. $18.00

Want to know something cool? I will be personalizing Christmas greetings this year at NO EXTRA COST! WOO! Yes, you will now officially be the coolest gift giver ever. Order. Now. If you need more time, I understand. Click on the Christmas Menu tab above and print one out for yourself. Print out 1,000 copies and throw them in random places, give them to all your co-workers, hinting that you wouldn’t mind if they ordered you something, or, you could always order some and forget the strange actions.

  • All sweet gifts will be ready for pick-up or delivery (free on orders over $75) Monday, December 19-Friday, December 24.
  • Kindly place your order by Friday, December 16 by emailing Please include desired order date in the email!
Want a photo tour of some of the things that you will experience? OK!

Orders open. Now.