The Things I Do For My Brother: Car Emblem Cupcakes

Yet again, my kindness for my brother makes me want to be sick. Why can’t I just say no? Why!! Why!!?? Well, at least this time, I can say I have an excuse. See, I ran into my boyfriend’s girlfriend’s car…and I shut my antennae in my trunk. You don’t have to understand…just nod your head…that’s what my father tends to do.

 Anyway, Blake thought it would be a great idea if I would make cupcakes for all the guys at work. As you can probably see, he works at a Mercedes, VW, Audi, and Volvo dealership in State College. So, on one of the last eves of my beloved break, I, Lauren Elsasser, had a stream of compassion running through my veins for a brief moment.

 I decided to make two of each emblem…and some tires.

This one might just be my favorite.

So that the guys could tell they were different flavors, I decided to make black and red tires. The black tires were filled with Oreo truffles and the red were filled with white chocolate raspberry butter cream. mmmm.

It’s good that I love him so much…don’t tell him I secretly loved it. ;)

Oh, and guess what…Blake didn’t even eat one. Apparently he doesn’t like chocolate…what kind of problematic human being doesn’t like chocolate cupcakes….pshewww