Throw a quilt on it.

This has won the award. This is my favorite cake to date. I mean the idea of a bed cake is quite unique I must say…but the reason behind it is absolutely adorable. This was for a friend of our’s Peggy Shields. Her and her sisters are throwing an 80th birthday bash for their mommy. (happening today I might add) She loves to quilt and they actuallt requested a bed cake with a quilt on it. I’m so glad they did because I’m in love with it. Take a look!

hehehehe, it makes me giggles just looking at it. All of the outside of the cake is fondant decorations..even the quilt. I just used toothpicks and some cookie cutters to decorate. It’s amazing what the most simple kitchen tools will do.

Some close-ups of the cuteness. In case you were wondering…the cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream. Luckily for me, I shaved off a lot of the cake while building it…then, I stuffed my face full of the cake and felt like I was on a sugar hight for the following 9 hours after I had completed the cake. Unfortunately those 9 hours should have been sleeping hours….but they weren’t.

Then came the massive amount of cupcakes that followed. 225 to be exact. Here are some of the chocolate fudge with peanut butter buttercream. Also my favorite. And…yes, you can have more than one favorite…I just decided.

Spice with cream cheese. Sprinkles with some cinamon and sugar. de- to the lightful. I felt like siting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and one of these babys. I’m not sure why.

And here, white with white…my first favorite. These were decorated to match the cake, because I thought it would be pretty cute. Turns out…it was!