Truffle Festival Fail: And How to Make a Fail Day Fun


Many of you are most likely aware of my detail oriented obsession with keeping a journal of my life, down to the second that something will happen. I write dates, times, things to remember, everything.

So as I stand in the SMN train station waiting for the rest of the school tour group, I never thought that I could be the one who was in the wrong.

But I was. Jessica, Colleen, and I were standing and waiting for group leaders for a trip that left the next day.

But we didn’t know that yet.

Instead, we began to complain.

And figured that if they left without us, that we would just have to find out own way. Which, in Italy, it much easier said than done.

Stop 1: Fast Train Ticket Booth

Stop 2: ATAF Bus Ticket Booth

Stop 3: SITA Ticket Booth

Stop 4: CAP Ticket Booth

Stop 5: Via Guelfa, where our school was located.

This is where we let out our anguish and disapproval out in the most respectful way possible.

And then realized that we just looked at the sheet wrong. The truffle festival was tomorrow.

Having things already planned, Jessica and I were determined to get to San Miniato and experience the delicate sensation of  thousands of fresh white truffles.

So we finally managed to purchase a regional train ticket to San Miniato and ran to the platform, hoping we wouldn’t miss it…

and literally…Jessica and I started to laugh.

Because, in a situation such as ours, what other emotion would be appropriate?

We had conquered our failure, we were going by ourselves.

And we were greeted by large tents, beautifully ornate truffle signs, and this…


The truffle festival was only on November 24 and 25, which was NOT today.

So, in order to make the best of this complete failure, we decided to eat lunch.

People, lunch tends to heal every wound.

We started with excellent olive oil focaccia bites.

And we were given a “by word” house menu that changes every day. He mentioned that there were two dishes with fresh white truffles.


Wow. These are not the Tuscan blacks that you witness, that pack a punch of flavor and linger in smell and taste for quite a while. White truffles are incredibly delicate, with a flavor that is much more luscious  light, and soft. It is a perfect vehicle for a nice glass of dry white wine.

I ordered the white truffle risotto.

And Jessica ordered one of the best pastas that I have eaten in Italy.

No. Joke.

It was brilliant.

And then I thought that I would lather truffle on all my food, even on top of my green beans.

And lacking the availability to judge ordering food based on price, I was left in a position to really just order what I wanted. Because, well, when in denial of the cost of things… tend to….not care.

So, yeah, I paid 25 Euros for rice and I liked it. (But Jessica’s was like…OMG)

But before I go on, I want help you visually understand how incredibly cheap that 25 Euro white truffle pasta and risotto actually was.

1 ounce of white truffles in the United States…

is $400 dollars.

Yeah. So…Don’t judge me.

After we had made our own “truffle festival” and were able to share hearts to hearts with each other and we made it back to the train station (and yes, if you were at the train station, you too would have seen me sprint across the forbidden to cross train lines (3 times) in order to validate my ticket.

Once we arrived back to Florence, I decided to wander around and enjoy the absolutely beautiful surroundings of this fantastic city that I live in. I’ve realized that I am beginning to fall in love with it in a completely different way. Because of my school schedule, I just haven’t had the time or energy to walk enough around town. Oh, what a fantastic blessing it is.

After slowly manuerving myself through my door, slipping into my bed, and resting for a moment, I was ready to be entertained my Jessica’s Italian momma who she is staying with. Laura, (Jess’ momma’s name)  invited me to be a guest at her dinner table this evening, and oh my was it memorable.

I decided that for once in my life, I was just going to enjoy the food without a camera and remember it as a family experience that it truly was. We talked for hours over three courses (Bruschetta With Tuscan Beans, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Parmesan Sauce, a delicious salad consisting of arugula, roasted peppers, goat cheese,and potatoes) , wine, a delicious Panetone and MUCH MORE WINE!

Today could have been an absolutely awful day. We were distraught, frustrated, and angry. But what a blessing that a terrible day can sometimes be  route to long-term happiness. Happiness is what you make of it.

So today didn’t involve purchasing copious amounts of jarred truffle products from local producers, today involved roaming around a quiet city, learning a little bit about one of my best friends, sharing a meal without a camera with my new Italian momma, and skyping with my brother and playing rock paper scissors (and convincing him that Italian has a 4th option called racker).

Blessings. Life is a continuations of blessings.

Ciao for now!