Try Not to Get Mauled

Hmmm … now would be the time where I share a beautiful picture of a finished product of something that I have contrived out of nothing. However, here lies a finished product of a different nature. This, up here….is the end of a cake. This is the beautiful end to a Teddy Bear Cake. The head is still fairly recognizable. But, I will show you now…how this frightful sight came to be.

It all started with this absolutely adorable pan. It’s Build-a-Bear brand. How wonderful? I had to have it. It helped that mom told me I had to have it too….and her checkbook told me I had to have it as well ;)

After some sifting…………..

A pound cake bear was ready to go into the oven (here insert your FAVORITE pound cake recipe. Any will do, I promise.

Whip up some glue (Aka Frosting…to hold the bear together)

Whisk a little chocolate glaze together.

Now, you too can see why I needed to have this. The best part? The recipe is on the box. Go get that Build a Bear Teddy Bear pan! (aka get it online…search in google) It’s so easy. Anyone can do it! Need to wow someone…a cake is so much better than flowers..chocolate…or even $1000.

But then, the dreadful moment came. My mother turned to me and said, “Lauren, those lips are really creepy.” FINE MOM!!!! So these lips are actually different from the final product. But you know what…I don’t even care. I’m embracing the creepy lipped bear.

So here is the gift-ee. My cousin Palmer. It was actually for her AND her sister. There birthdays are quite close and what a better way to celebrate then with a cake!

And then, the picture. The picture that describes the most wonderful part of one of my cakes..the destruction. She had quite the time of her life disecting the cake. She was very close to sawing off a few fingers at various points of Palmer with the knife. She also enjoyed taking off every single fondant decoration on the cake. It was great. I think she would have consumed the whole thing….if I wouldn’t have taken the knife due to the fact that I wanted a piece. I WANTED A PIECE REAL BAD! I got it. I got two actually :)