Victory in Volvo: Again

Do we all remember this cake? Yes, this was the object of Blake’s glory when he found out of his acceptance into the Volvo Safe Program in Arizona. Well..Blake told me that when he graduated from his Volvo-ey school, that I was making a cake whether I liked it or not. Now, lets get one thing straight. I love giving gifts, it’s my passion. However, if someone expects or tells me I have to give or bake them something….well lets just say it doesn’t make me a particularly pleasant person. So, I was being told that I needed to make him a Volvo cake! What? I’ve never carved a cake (with success) before. The last one ended up looking like someone stuck a baseball underneath some baggy sheets. Ugly. So, I had a feeling that Blake wouldn’t be as proud of this. But, last minue, Thursday night before he came home, I got to work, dreading the time I would have to carve this large mass of cake.

So, I made strawberry cake, so if I screwed up, then at least I would have something to stir into my ice cream. (Innovative, right?) I iced, I cut, I carved, and I iced. I know, I couldn’t believe it either! It actually semi-resembled something that would look semi close to a piece of crap Volvo. (Oops, did I say that ;)

And here, finished. Just enough time to spare. I needed to make sure the details were exactly representative of his car, or I would hear it for the rest of my life.


The front headlights and the bumber. (I can’t believe his bumber in his car is still attached.)

Front of the car, in tact with one side mirror. (Yes, just one.)

And then there is Blakes crap-mobile in the back. Why he has such a thing attached to his car is beyond me. In fact, it’s so ugly my camera wouldn’t even take a picture of it without blurring. It’s a SIGN! It’s a SIGN!

And in the back, it wouldn’t be Blake’s Volvo without his license plate number. It’s a good thing I love him so much.

So, when we finally arrived home from picking Blake up from the airport, it was 1am, it was my irritable hour, and Blake was ALREADY getting on my nerves. He took four looks at the cake, and this is what he showed to me. Two words: Drama Queen.

Blake decided on Thursday night that we should save it until Sunday. Four days, a slightly slumped and saggy Volvo later, and it’s gone. I really do love my brother, and I love cake :)

PS Hi Aunt Diane!