Victory in Volvo!

So, Blake. Yes, my Volvo-obsessed beach bum brother. He did something incredible. He took this oober hard MSAT exam to get into a crazy Volvo institute in Arizona. He scored like 20 points better than the average. So what would Lauren do if there is good news in any area of Blakes life? Well, bake a cake of course! Apparently I messed up the “Volvo” emblem, but I think the boy is just full of crap. Below is a picture of Blake with his “I got game” T-shirt. Yeah Blake, we know…you’re amazing and can fix anything, BRAVO! We are all so proud of you, for real!

So, I thought that a strawberry cake would be in order. Since I know he likes it, and I was in the mood for a strawberry cake (yes, I can be a bit selfish!) I coated the wonderful cakey goodness in my magnolia cake icing recipe. (Listed in an earlier post!) I cut out fondant shapes, and covered the cake in white fondant.

Yes…I ate most of that. Ok..I’m exaggerating just a little, but I did put a work on it. Oddly, it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever made. Yum…it was the Volvo I’m sure.