What a Fruit (Tart!)

Lets get a few things strait. No, I don’t hoverin the kitchen all day thinking of the next thing I can bake (Yes, I do that….but not in the kitchen) I’m actually quite a busy person. I also don’t create fabulous desserts for no reason at all. I always have a legitamite excuse to create something yummy. Today for example. Fruit Tart Fabulous! We had a “dinner guest” coming over, but unfortunately our guest was stricken with sickness. However, before I was aware of this I had created a Fruit tart. What is better for a dinner party then a fruit tart? We will have to savor this dessert ourselves….ohh no!
I had never before created a fruit tart. Whenever I have attemped to researching it…it always looked so labor intensive. I’m not about that. So I decided to myself last night that I was going to “revamp” a fruit tart with my own special touches! I’ll even be a sweetie and share my newfound, homemade recipie (maybe I’ll write a book one day!)

Lauren’s What a Fruit (Tart!) Tart

For the “tart” shell: one pillsbury sugar cookie roll

For the “cream”: one box of sugar-free instant vanilla pudding
two cups of milk
4 oz. 1/3 less fat cream cheese (softened)

For the Fruit topping: One small package of red raspberries, One small package of blueberries, Two kiwis, One package of strawberries (but don’t limit yourselves to just these, use your imagination with fruit!)

For the glaze: 1/2 cup of apricot preserves
2 Tablespoons of honey
1 Tablespoon of water

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees Farenhite for a dark coated “torte” pan (350-for normal pan).
2. Tart: Make sure cookie dough is chilled. Take it out of the package and (with floured table-top and hands) roll out cookie dough so it fits in a “tart” pan (like one below). You can also make this on a pizza pan and just push it so it fits. Next: push the dough into the pan to fit, and trim off any excess edges. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until light golden brown. Let cool. Flip onto pretty serving dish(because you use the underside of a torte pan to make a tart-leave it “upside-down”)
3. Cream: Make the pudding with the milk with the instruction on the box. Beat in the softened cream cheese. Place cream into cooled tart shell.
4. Top with fruit-in whatever beautiful pattern you so choose.
5. Honey-Apricot Glaze: On low heat in a small saucepan, combine honey, preserves, and water in until preserves are smooth….it may need to boil a bit. As soon as it has cooled just a bit, brush the preserves onto the fruit with a pastry brush. Try not to get it on the shell, or it will get soggy. Also, be very light about the glaze (you will not use all of it.) Just make that fruit shiny!
6. Put that tart into the frigidare for about 1 hour or until set! Enjoy! with cool whip or vanilla ice cream! Yummy! See pictures below!

The last picture has the “shiny fruit” shown. Don’t goop on the glaze or it will make your beautiful work…not so beautiful!

So…..pretend your having a dinner guest over and treat yourself! It’s practically healthy!