What Happens When I Bake for Blake…..

So this. This is the plate of deliciousness that was shipped off with my brother. See, he liked to use and abuse me. By that, I mean…..

Blake: “Lauren, I need a dessert at 6:00.”

Lauren: “Blake, it’s 4:45, and I’m a half an hour away from the house.”
Blake: “Yeah, so I need a dessert by 6:00″
Lauren: “ughhh, are you kidding me, you decided to tell me this when it was 4:45, don’t you think you could actually tell me these things ahead of time?”

Blake: “Yeah, so I need a dessert by 6:00″

So, as you can see, he uses me. But, it’s really ok. Because, you see, I have a weakness for baking. (I’m sure that has been pretty obvious) But, all my niceness aside, he still uses me. End of story.

Now, this was actually the second dessert in three days that I had to make for Blake, so he could leave me all alone eating a grilled chicken salad watching the food channel. (Yes, I live a sad, sad life)

But, thats not all. See, all that he wanted was a peanut butter iced chocolate cake (the best in the world, might I say) But, I had some time, some creativity, and I’ll share with you the lovechild of my brains and cake mix.

Here we go……..

Cakitos. The cute mini version of cake that I desire and dream about often. But you see, I had never but the two together, Chocolate and Peanut Butter that is. So, what the heck, I tried it. AND LET ME SAY, OOOHHH MYY FREAKING GOSHH! It’s amazing.

The recipe is quite ridiculously easy:

CHOCO-PB Cakitos
  1. Bake the chocolate cake: recipe for the best chocolate cake ever is http://www.themisscupcake.blogspot.com/2010_03_01_archive.html
  2. Then, add just a bit of peanut butter buttercream, until the cake combines with the icing. PS, the best icing recipe ever is http://www.themisscupcake.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html
  3. Then, mix, form into balls, freeze for 20 minutes, and coat in milk chocolate.
  4. I drizzled them with melted peanut butter melting wafers.
  5. I’m telling you, this is better than the satisfaction that I get from pinching my brother.

Then, I had an epiphony. I had obviously made some little mini cuppys with the leftover batter from the peanut butter masterpiece. Soo, I plopped some buttercream on top of those babies, and then……….then…………………………………………

Yes, I did it. I covered a ridiculously sinful masterpeice in chocolate. I took something terrifly bad for you, and just made it worse. Heck, who cares. We are all going to die sometime!
I don’t think I would mind if this puppy was the culprit. Although, I would rather live on a bake more!
And yes, these too are ridiculous. I would have to rate them a triple X. Yes, that wonderfully bad! So, thanks Blake, for being a pain, for making me make desserts for you last minute, and for making me believe that you somehow ALWAYS have two baking coupons for me to make you anything you desire, no matter what or when.
What a life I live.

Ok Blake, you can come home from Arizona now.
No really, come home now!