Yes! You have read that right! Miss Cupcake is hosting the First Annual Beach Whoopie Pie Sale! (Background: mi9.com) Why…you may ask? Well, one day, my lovely cousins and I decided that we needed to have some good bonding time. You see, family bonding is scarce and it should be honored and respected. Therefore, we decided that there was no other option…TO THE BEACH WE GO. Then, we remembered something…that’s right…we are broke.

Well, lucky for all of you, Miss Cupcake is selling her lovely whoopie baked goods. Help us with our quest to become stronger as a family. If you buy a dozen whoopie pies, you are buying a dozen memories that will bind us together forever. It’s almost emotional. Thank you in advance.

Now let me get to the good stuff.


  • Old School Original: Chocolate whoopie filled with fluffy vanilla cream.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate whoopie filled with fluffy peanut butter frosting.
  • Cookies and Cream: Vanilla whoopie stuffed with chocolate cookies, filled with vanilla filling, and white chocolate dip.
  • Beach Pie: Ocean blue dyed vanilla whoopie filled with vanilla filling, rolled in “sandy” graham cracker crumbs, and garnished with gummy fish.


  • $1.75 each or
  • 12 for $18.00


  • Email your order to themisscupcake@hotmail.com by Friday, July 8th.
  • Whoopies will be available for pick-up/delivery on Sunday, July 10th or Monday, July 11th.

Feast your eyes, my friends. This mouthwatering picture is nothing but the original.

You guessed it, cookies and cream. Ok, ready…set…ORDER! Remember…family bonding!