Trattoria Gargani: What Being Food Drugged Feels Like


After reading Rachel Ray’s review of Trattoria Gargani, (In which she stated, ” The more I dine out, the clearer the distinction has become between good food and soulful food.  Garga has a soul all its own, and the dishes I’ve eaten here, such as Pasta Magnifico, Veal with Avocado, and the famous cheesecake, taste of love, {Read More…}

Menorca: A Week of…Really Good Movies


Let me begin this post by saying that I will NEVER do an overnight layover again. I don’t care if it’s Disneyland, I WILL not put myself through it EVER AGAIN. My journey began late last Tuesday night. I had pulled my small carry-on to the other side of the city where the train station {Read More…}

First Days as an Italian


Other than waking up at 12:30pm (and feeling like a bum), my first days as an Italian were quite stressful, but in a “this will be ok” kind of way. My stomach and sleeping schedule were still left in confusion, as I woke up and still felt no desire to eat. Now, let me break it {Read More…}