The Miss Cupcake Christmas Whoopie Pie Sale and Extravaganza Success!


Ok, ok, I’ve waited long enough. It’s WHOOPIE PIE SALE TIME! WOO! Shall I tempt you with the flavors…or shall I wait a little longer? I choose the latter…..:) First, we shall take a look at some free The Miss Cupcake publicity. Oh hi my lovely Miss Cupcake Facebook “likers”!  I’m absolutely in love with the {Read More…}

Cut it Out! Bachelorette Cupcakes and Dessert Buffet


Cut it out! Miss Cupcake received one of her first sweet buffet orders! Exciting! So exciting that the site has it’s very own Sweet Buffet tab. Do you need something exciting and new for your next party? Why not try a Miss Cupcake sweet buffet? Personalized, tweaked, and tailored to your every need and desire! {Read More…}

Sweet Box Success (and secret recipes)


Exaustion. Wonder. Excitement. I haven’t posted for more than ten days, despicable. This is one of those moments that I think back to when I was in the plane on the way to Hungary a few summers ago. They had a few movie selections to choose from. One happened to be Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. {Read More…}

It’s All in The Jar: Christmas Extravaganza 2010

  Christmas. It’s all I can think about. I dream about it, breathe it, eat it, and now make it. I recieved an amazing opportunity a month or two back having to to do with Christmas. I was asked to be a vendor at the 2010 Christmas Extravaganza held at the Mifflinburg Intermediate School tomarrow. {Read More…}

"From the Kitchen of Lauren"

From the Kitchen of Lauren. All of those lovely cookies needed homes. So..I packaged them up all sweet and pretty…and gave them to all of our friends! Take a look! A few pictures of the finished product! Now, which one to eat first……….hmmmmmm?