What really happens at youth group


  Just by the looks of this picture, you know it can’t be good. This is an excellent representation of what really happens at youth group. Now it’s time for a story. Once there was a youth group, who loved to eat. Then, a big party caused there to be a surplus of candy for {Read More…}

Tower of Bark


I will start by recommending that you NOT make this recipe. Why, must you ask? Well, you won’t be able to stop. You’ll eat it all, or a very large portion of it because it’s SO GOOD. Then, when you look at the clock and realize that it’s 1:00am and you have to go to {Read More…}

Chocolate Chip Clusters With a Side of Graduation

Ok, so these look like crap. Well kind of like a pile of crap on a chip. But even with this slightly disturbing thought in the back of your mind….you must bear with me here. These are wonderful. See, I never thought that I would end up making “chip clusters.” I means, I have seen {Read More…}

Some Traditions are just THAT Important: Eastery Eggs

This is probably one of my favorite traditions EVER! Not only do these consist of my three favorite things (peanut butter, coconut, and powdered sugar), but they are super cute! I can’t wait to show you this! Now I thought that I would first show you the disturbing Easter Egg Scene that we made. My {Read More…}

Valentine Flavored Rice Krispie Hearts

I’ve found it. You know, I’ve found my perfect rice krispie treat. Not only are they pink…and full of pink candies…but they are strawberry flavored…and in the shape of hearts! If you were to draw a picture of me….this is what it would look like. So…a man from my church decided that he would give {Read More…}