International House of Thanksgiving (IHOT) Cheesecake, Arepas, French Men, Oh My!


This weekend was insane. Of course, it was insane in the best possible way that insane can be. There were people everywhere, the fridge was so full that we had to start triple stacking things, and my Latin brother came home to me once more. But before I get into all of that sweet and {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Christmas Whoopie Pie Sale and Extravaganza Success!


Ok, ok, I’ve waited long enough. It’s WHOOPIE PIE SALE TIME! WOO! Shall I tempt you with the flavors…or shall I wait a little longer? I choose the latter…..:) First, we shall take a look at some free The Miss Cupcake publicity. Oh hi my lovely Miss Cupcake Facebook “likers”!  I’m absolutely in love with the {Read More…}

Christmas in August With Paula’s Ham


To begin this lovely rambling session, I would like to admit that I’m aware that the month has changed and it is now September. Now that I’ve said my peace, I can begin. And now, for yet another update on the status of my health. I would like to inform you all that if you {Read More…}

Stuffed Peanut Butter Mallow Eggs


Now, I know what you are thinking…COP OUT! “You made these last year, Lauren. Are you out of ideas already?” Well, don’t you worry. The peanut butter eggs are back and better than ever. I’ve taken the original…and morphed it into something so magical., you’ll wonder where you have been all your life. First of {Read More…}

Valentine’s Snickerdoodle Dough Truffles


Need a sweet treat to tempt your Valentine! Well, Miss Cupcake has just the sweet for you! Discover the pure bliss of Snickerdoodle dough truffles!