I Love Trips Like This: Baltimore with my Honey


Oh how I love trips, grandmas, surgeries, Jared, and food. Now, I know this isn’t a recipe, but I figured that you all should know about the most lovely day I had last Tuesday. It all starts with Jared having arm surgery with my uncle last month. Despite the fact that he was completely drugged {Read More…}

Success is Super Sweet


Yay! Official Miss Cupcake Business Cards. Would you expect them to be any less sparkly? Good. Neither did I. Speaking of business cards, the extravaganza was a hit! (I’m not exactly sure how the two relate, but it was a good introduction…at least I think. We got to sit in the same place for 8 {Read More…}

God’s Breakfast Table: Cape May


  Before we go any further speaking about what you have just seen above, I need to lay down the ground rules of what I am going to reveal to you. This, is the best restaurant in the world. Now, you can think that it’s just my opinion, but it’s ok…you can be wrong. Cape {Read More…}

Waving Paradise Goodbye

This is the last picture of the most delightful event that I have ever taken part in. But, I thought that it was my duty to share some of the most outstanding parts of the expo. Now, before I show you the lasting good impressions…I would like to show you the lasting not so good {Read More…}

View From Heaven…and a Taste From it too!

Chicago. I love it. I’m in love with this city…more importantly..I’m in love with their food. They are friendly, the streets are cleaned, and more than one statue I have seen is adorned in Black Hawks aparrel (quite disturbing actually). I love it. Mommy and I had one night left in the city so we {Read More…}