I Think I’m Bleeding Sugar Cystals

I think I’m bleeding sugar cystals. Day number two was even more fabu-lash than the first. I know, I’m not sure how in the world it could top day #1 but somehow it did. So, what better to start off the morning than with a deliciously nutritious breakfast of orange juice………….and a plate of candy. {Read More…}

A Taste of Chicago…in more ways than one!

So Chicago. This place is actually really nice! I’m not really sure why…but I had always pictured this place to be dirty and grungy. It’s not! It’s absolutely beautiful (at least the parts that I’ve seen) We were walking in this place called Nay pier the other day, and we decided to do something spontaneous. {Read More…}

Vision of Heaven

I think I have found it…heaven on earth. Well, for me anyway. This is it people. The 2010 Sweets and Snacks Expo. Yes, this giant candy expo is ten football fields long of sweets and snacks. I found myself at home with the greatest in the candy business….and….people who are passionate about what they do…just {Read More…}

100th post! Miss Cupcake Class

Ok, so this is where I tell you about my sad sad sad computer problems. It all started Thursday evening. My mom opens my computer to check her facebook, and guess what? My computer fails…and it fails miserably. It is what we call a fail whale. Yes, a giant fail whale. My hardrive crashed, and {Read More…}

Miss Cupcake Goes Public!

So, I found this absolutely lovely contest online! Paula Deen is coming together with Philly Cream Cheese and making something amazing out of it! It’s a casting competition! Each week, foodies are encouraged to film themselves making their favorite dish (there are multiple categories). Two winners are picked each week. There are eight weeks of {Read More…}