Miss Cupcake Makeover!!

I’m so excited to share with you that Miss Cupcake just got a makeover. She is so cute now and finally feels at home! Soon, she will have a cute title to go along with her new cute look! Miss Cupcake creations are sure to look EVEN better now that Miss Cupcake is FABULASH! Thank {Read More…}

For the Love of Magnolia

Yes. I’m finally sharing with you one of my absolute favorite things in God’s good earth. Magnolia cupcakes are worth waiting in lines for hours upon hours. They are worth running 17 blocks in 40 minutes so you don’t miss the bus that’s coming to pick you up. (I found myself in this particular position) {Read More…}

Wonderful World of Disney (Lauren Style)

Who would have thought? A magical world of sugar and delight. It seemed as if it had been made all for me. Let me just clear this up…I LOVED IT. As you can see in these little blurbs from my walk in Downtown Disney. Yes, that is a giant castle made out of candy, and {Read More…}

Disney Cookies and “What’s in that Box?”

So, of course as I was in the lovely shop of all things Lauren, I had to try a piece of Disney’s Culinary Wonderfulness. I really thought that since Disney was a place where dreams come true, I thought the treats would be equally as wonderful. My first purchase? A peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie. {Read More…}

Trip to Tu Tu Tango

So, after the peach crisp, and cleaning up Blake’s apartment, I figured that since there was NOTHING in the pantry and his kitchen was already clean….it would be best if I did not bake anything today. It’s tough. Real tough. But…. Well, I’m a sucker for a good/different restaurant. Actually, that would probably be one {Read More…}